Event Details

November 8, 2014 in Mosswood Park, Oakland

What: FIGMENT is an explosion of creative energy. FIGMENT Oakland is a free, outdoor interactive art event that brings together the community and inspires all ages in the creation and celebration of art and a culture where everything is possible. Our focus is to bring out kids and adults alike to come out and play and experience art on a participatory level. 

When: Saturday, November 8 — 11am to 5pm

Where: Mosswood Park, Oakland... a short walk from MacArthur Bart! 

Mosswood Park is located at 3612 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94609, across the street from Kaiser Hospital. It is easily accessible by the 51A and 57 buses, and by Bart. 

How Much: FREE!! FIGMENT is a free, non-profit event, and we do not accept corporate sponsorships. We do welcome donations from individuals and non-profit groups so please donate to help us cover our event costs. We can't do it without YOUR participation and help!

FIGMENT Project is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

What to Bring: Whatever you need for a day of fun. Bring a picnic, water and snacks for a day of fun! 

For specific ideas or if you have specific questions, view our list! Note: The event is rain-or-shine. If the forecast calls for rain, be prepared to hide — or dance — under porches, arches, and umbrellas while the clouds pass.

What to Expect: Art and activities in every medium available… especially the art and activities that YOU bring! We'll be posting a schedule of registered art and activities.

The FIGMENT Project focuses primarily on participatory art, art that builds community through sharing, and gets people to interact with one another, talk to each other, create and share experiences together. By participating, we are building important connections and weaving the social fabric that creates community. 

FIGMENT Reminders: To make sure you and all other visitors have a fun and safe experience, please keep the following in mind:

  • It is NOT SAFE to CLIMB the art
  • YOUR child = YOUR responsibility 
  • TREAT the art like it was your HOME 
  • It is NEVER "just you" doing it! 
  • THINK before you ACT 
  • Make the art look even BETTER for the NEXT VISITOR

How to Help: We invite people to sign up to volunteer to help at the event, and sign up for our email list for continued opportunities to participate throughout the year. If you enjoy your experiences at FIGMENT, please make a donation to help us in 2015!

LEAVE NO TRACE: We adhere to a "Leave No Trace" ethic, and ask you to do the same. If you bring it with you, either take it with you or make sure it gets into a trash receptacle.

NO TRANSACTIONS: One of our goals is to create a social and creative experience uninterrupted by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. FIGMENT does not sell anything at the park, and does not allow commerce of any kind.

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Your photos can help us promote and fundraise for FIGMENT next year! Please tag your Flickr photos and YouTube videos as " FIGMENTOakland2014 ". Full credit will be given each time your work is used.

Use Twitter? Our Hashtags are:

  • #pARTicipate
  • #figmentoakland 




Special thanks to Mosswood Park and Oakland Parks & Recreation for partnering with us.

Be sure to check out the many parks, recreation centers and athletic facilities (tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools and more) they have available!  

Music & Performance Schedule


    • 11 AM         Bug Family Band
    • 12 AM         BandWorks
    • 1 PM           The New Thoreaus
    • 2 PM           Conspiracy of Beards
    • 3 PM           Bear Lincoln
    • 4 PM           Oakland Mind

"Parc de Nada" (mini-park by Mosswood House)

    • 11-12pm          Improv Games
    • 4-5pm              Improv Games

Amphitheater details 

  • Bug Family Band: thebugfamily.com 
    • Playing original songs that carry a positive message, including Put My Helmet On, which encourages bike helmet usage, and Garbage Hunters, which is all about picking up trash.
  • BandWorks: bandworks.com 
    • A group of dedicated teenage musicians guided by the BandWorks music program will perform original music and covers of popular, contemporary rock and roll.
  • The New Thoreaus: thenewthoreaus.com 
    • An indie-folk band with a bluegrass bent, The New Thoreaus provide a “modern spin on old-timey folk and bluegrass,” according to the East Bay Express.
  • Conspiracy of Beards: conspiracyofbeards.com 
    • A 30 member male choir that performs dynamic, original, a cappella arrangements of the poetic songs of Leonard Cohen.
  • Bear Lincoln: bearlincoln.com 
    • Singing songs with sing-along components and audience participation.
  • Oakland Mind: taharkatect.com, theoaklandmind.com 
    • A new, trip hop sound with call in response raps.

"Parc de Nada" details

  • Improv Games
    • Play around, be creative, and learn the power of "Yes, and..." Whether you're a master thespian or just want to try drama games for the first time, if you're willing to have fun and be respectful, please join us!

Games & Craft Schedule

Games - On Baseball Field

  • Noon - Cardboard Tube Fighting League
    • A family friendly event that involves a light hearted competition where participants are given a tube and then attempt to break the
  • 1:30pm - 3:30pm - Jugger
    • A fast-paced international team game that plays like Capture the Flag with padded sticks. 
  • 4pm - 5pm - Cardboard Tube Fighting League 


    • 11 am - 1pm      Lost Sock Puppet Making 
    • 11am - 2pm       Australian Dot Painting 
    • 11am - 2pm       African Mask Making 
    • 12pm - 3pm       Coffee Filter Flowers 
    • 2pm - 3pm         Seed Bombs Near Birdhouse
    • 2:30pm -5pm     Lost Sock Puppet Making
    • All day               Color by Numbers
    • All day               Make and Take Instruments
    • All day               Craft Anarchy
    • All day               Fluorescent Flower Crafting

Craft Details

  • 11-1pm; 2:30-5pm       
    • Sarah McCaleb - Lost Sock Puppet Making (Inside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • Join the Lost Sock Puppet Productions crew to make your very own sock puppet. We'll have all the supplies, including the socks, but feel free to bring your own! Afterward join us in the puppet theater to show off your creation. Puppet makers of all ages are encourage, small children must be supervised by an adult. 
  • 11am-2pm    
    • Induz: Passport to World Arts - Australian Dot Painting (Inside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • Create your own story through Australian Aboriginal art work! In this workshop, participants will be able learn the history of Aboriginal Art as well as create their own.
  • 11am-2pm      
    • Induz: Passport to World Arts - African Mask Making (Inside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • Create your own African masks while you learn about the traditional uses of these beautifully crafted pieces of art! African masks are seen as part of a ceremonial costume, used in ritual dances and religious and social events. Come create a paper mask of your own!
  • 12pm-3pm      
    • Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA) - Coffee Filter Flowers (In the Parc du Nada Outside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • Create beautiful flowers out of coffee filters! Something perfect to give away or wear in your jacket pocket that day. 
  • 12pm - 4pm        
    • Sustainable Magic Box - Fluorescent Flower Crafting (In the Parc du Nada Outside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • The Sustainable Magic Box is a mobile, high tech workshop & gallery. Contribute to the fluorescent flower garden by creating magical flowers out of cut up water bottles, fluorescent paint, and a collection of bright fluorescent materials. These flowers will fluoresce in the sunlight due to UV light, and at night when lit by black/UV light. You'll also be able to make other fun creations for the garden like vines, ferns, garden-creatures, and more, and maybe learn a little bit about fluorescence.
  • 2pm-3pm      
    • Kasey Smith - Seed Bombs (Near Birdhouse)
    • Come learn the basics of seed bombs and guerrilla gardening! We'll be playing with seeds, mud, & paper mache while learning about how to green urban space. 
  • All day       
    • Cole Martinsen - Color by Numbers (Outside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • This is a Color by Numbers mural, an image that is sectioned off by numbers that correlate to the color in which it is to be filled. An interactive piece for all ages!
  • All day       
    • IPS - Instrument Protection Services - Make and Take Instruments (Outside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • Teaching kids how to make instruments they can take home out of a few very simple and easy to find materials.
  • All day       
    • Tess Aquarium - Craft Anarchy (Inside Mosswood Recreation Center)
    • Craft Anarchy is an event where you can play in our pile of fabric, yarn, ribbon, buttons, adhesives and more to make whatever you want! Helpful staff will be nearby to answer questions. Craft Anarchy runs all day, so stop by for a few seconds or stay the whole day!

Why FIGMENT Oakland?

FIGMENT seeks to demonstrate what the arts can be: participatory, bursting with creativity and born from the desire to share imagination and invention between artists and the public. FIGMENT is a grassroots effort; organized and run entirely by volunteers because we believe in the aspirations and mission of FIGMENT. We believe that FIGMENT addresses a number of key issues that impact artists, cities, and creative communities alike:

Problem #1: Lack of Opportunity for Emerging Artists

We aim to provide as many opportunities for emerging artists as possible, creating an inclusive and participatory alternative to the high-end gallery scene. FIGMENT invites everyone to participate, regardless of socio-economic background, age, race, gender, artistic ability or career level . The main goal of our curatorial process is not to limit or restrict participation by weeding out artists, but to encourage all artists to make their work as participatory in nature as possible.

Problem #2: Access to the Arts for All

One of our main priorities is to lower the barriers to entry for audiences as well as artists. Museums, art events, concerts, and the theater are often prohibitively expensive in these difficult economic times. FIGMENT is committed to producing its event and exhibitions at no charge, minimizing as best we can the role economic privilege plays in access to the arts.

Problem #3: Passivity in Our Society

We live in a culture of spectatorship wherein people are often more comfortable watching than doing or making or creating. FIGMENT’s focus is on art that is created by a community working in collaboration, art that is created or enhanced by the input of its audience, or art that must be directly engaged with in order to be appreciated. FIGMENT intends for everyone who comes to the event be a participant, so that FIGMENT itself can be seen as one large collaborative art project.

Problem #4: Communities in Flux

Many of the inhabitants of large cities are transitional, moving to the city to pursue education or a career, then relocating elsewhere as their circumstances change. Existing neighborhoods change as older residents move and successive waves of new neighbors take their place. Many community structures that have functioned as longstanding social glue have lost their place of social prominence in the 21st century. FIGMENT seeks to provide a community-based experience that is open to everyone, giving even the most temporary of passersby a place to belong. With an emphasis on participatory art, FIGMENT encourages connections among audiences and artists, as everyone participates as collaborators in the creative process. Participatory arts include any works of art that require the interaction of participants, bringing together artists and community members in ways that build relationships and unlock individual creativity. The result is art as dialogue, rather than monologue; this dialogue forms the basis for a collaborative, constructive community.

Problem #5: Few Places for Youth and Families to Go

FIGMENT actively engages with youth and families, attracting a large number of children and their parents/caretakers. Children enjoy that FIGMENT’s culture is about getting your hands dirty and working with others to create. At FIGMENT, it’s okay to touch, in fact, it’s encouraged. Part of the FIGMENT ethos is that education comes from engagement. At the same time, FIGMENT is not a “just for kids” environment. We often hear adults comment that they “feel like kids” at FIGMENT;  given an opportunity, even adults are able to play, have fun, and look at the world with fresh eyes.

Problem #6: Utilizing Public Space

FIGMENT was originally created for New York City’s Governors Island in 2007. In 2014 we’re coming to Oakland’s Mosswood Park - a much loved local park sitting at the intersection of multiple different neighborhoods. We want to get people out of their homes, out of their cars, off the BART and into the park - enjoying Oakland’s wonderful

Problem #7: Oversaturation of Branding and Commercialism

We strive to create a culture free from buying, selling, and advertising. So often, our experiences in today’s world are mediated by ads, logos, and sales pitches. FIGMENT accepts no corporate sponsorship whatsoever. At FIGMENT, a logo should never interfere with your personal experience. Here, your experience is not for sale.

Problem #8: Living in a Time of Scarcity

At FIGMENT, you don’t need currency to experience the richness of the arts. Indeed, at a time when so many people are struggling to get by, we are proud to celebrate an abundance of inspiration. Despite the scarcity all around us, there is no shortage of creativity, innovation, and passion. FIGMENT provides a place where people can bring their gifts and share the wealth with their neighbors, old friends, new friends, and community members.